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My Audio Updates
Here you will find audio clips about important events that have taken place during the current and past Legislative Sessions.
Rep. Pyle Joins 2nd Amendment Supporters at State Capitol Rally - 5/24/2016
Gun owners from across the Commonwealth as well as pro-Second Amendment state lawmakers joined together in the state capitol rotunda on Tuesday for the Rally to Protect Your Right to Keep and Bear Arms. For ten years the annual grassroots event has highlighted Second Amendment rights and served as a platform for citizens to lobby for the passage of legislation to protect the firearms rights of Pennsylvania citizens. Comments are available from Rep. Jeff Pyle (R-Armstrong, Butler & Indiana), who was among the featured speakers at the event.
Rep. Pyle Comments on Governor’s Budget Address - 2/9/2016
House lawmakers offered their reactions to Gov. Tom Wolf’s spending proposal for fiscal year 2016-17, which he announced today in an address before a joint session of the General Assembly. The governor’s budget plan would increase taxes on working Pennsylvanians and employers by $3.6 billion and spending by 10 percent, or $3 billion, and calls for $33.3 billion in total spending. To support his proposed spending plan the governor has proposed 15 new tax increases, including a retroactive increase in the Personal Income Tax on Pennsylvania workers.
Rep. Pyle Comments on House Appropriations Committee Vote to Advance a Partial State Budget to Move Funding for Social Services and Schools - 12/21/2015
The House Appropriations Committee approved an amendment Monday to move a partial state budget forward for the full House to consider later this week. Committee member Rep. Jeff Pyle (R-Armstrong) said this effort is needed to drive out essential funding for social service programs and schools that will be unable to continue functioning without state support, while lawmakers and the administration continue to work toward final agreement on a permanent budget plan.
Rep. Pyle Comments on EPA Regulations on Coal-Fired Power Plants - 9/16/2014
Environmental Protection Agency regulations on Coal-Fired power plants were the topic of a hearing held by the Environmental Resources and Energy Committee on Tuesday in Harrisburg. The committee received testimony on how the EPA’s new rules will effectively shut down a large percentage of the Commonwealth’s power generation. Rep. Jeff Pyle (R-Armstrong), chairman of the subcommittee on mining, said electric prices will rise because there are not enough alternative energy sources available to offset the loss of coal power. Chuck Nichols reports... story and bite available.
Rep. Pyle Comments on Proposed Regulations on Coal Industry - 9/25/2013
Proposed EPA regulations that would jeopardize the future of coal-fired power plants were the topic of discussion at a press conference in Harrisburg on Wednesday. Rep. Jeff Pyle (R-Armstrong) said coal-fired plants are the backbone of the power grid, and that the proposed regulations on emissions are beyond the horizon of current technology. Chuck Nichols reports... story and bite available.
Rep. Pyle Comments on 2nd Amendment Rally in Harrisburg - 4/24/2013
Lawmakers were joined by hundreds of responsible gun owners in Harrisburg on Tuesday for the annual Second Amendment Action Day. The rally, held on the front steps of the Capitol Building due to the number of participants, featured speakers including retired military officers, congressmen, and state legislators. Rep. Jeff Pyle (R-Armstrong) said the overwhelming turnout indicates how passionate Pennsylvanians are about their right to keep and bear arms. Chuck Nichols reports... story and bite available.
Rep. Pyle Comments on House Passage of Liquor Privatization Legislation - 3/22/2013
Legislation that would get the Commonwealth out of the business of selling wine and liquor was passed by the Pennsylvania House on Thursday. Rep. Jeff Pyle (R-Armstrong) said House Bill 790 would deliver privatization while providing the consumer choice that people are demanding. House Bill 790 now moves the Senate for consideration. Chuck Nichols reports... story and bite available.
Rep. Pyle Addresses Gun Rights Rally at State Capitol - 1/24/2013
Hundreds of sportsmen and gun owners rallied on the steps of the state capitol in Harrisburg on Wednesday to show support for second amendment rights and voice their support for preventing the imposition of new gun control laws in Pennsylvania. Rep. Jeff Pyle (R-Armstrong), addressed the rally and expressed his belief that the rights of law abiding citizens to legally possess firearms must be protected. Mike Davies reports, wrap and stand-alone bite available.
Rep. Pyle Comments on His Bill to Add Veterans Designation to Driver's License - 10/2/2012
Legislation that would provide for a veterans designation on the Pennsylvania driver’s license was unanimously passed by the State House on Monday in Harrisburg. Rep. Jeff Pyle (R-Armstrong), prime sponsor of House Bill 2428, said that this will allow veterans to prove they qualify for various discounts and programs without carrying their discharge papers with them. Pyle’s bill now moves to the Senate for consideration. Chuck Nichols reports, wrap and stand alone bite available.
Rep. Pyle Says He was Pleased to Support Passage of an On-Time and Fiscally Responsible State Budget - 6/29/2012
The Pennsylvania House has approved an on-time state budget for the upcoming fiscal year. The $27.7 billion plan increases spending by less than 1.5 percent over last year with no new taxes or fees. Rep. Jeff Pyle (R-Armstrong) a member of the House Appropriations Committee said he was glad to see passage a fiscally responsible budget that restores funding to a number of programs that were cut in earlier versions of the spending plan. Mike Davies reports, wrap and stand alone bite available.