Jul. 11, 2018

FORD CITY - Rep. Jeff Pyle (R-Armstrong/Butler/Indiana) joins other House members in his objection of Gov. Tom Wolf’s Basic Education Funding proposal. The governor has proposed that all education funds be distributed through the Fair Funding Formula. Pyle said this will not only hurt our school districts, but the students and community as well.

“This is absurd and unacceptable. The governor’s actions will force our school districts to raise property taxes greatly and unexpectedly,” said Pyle. “To come out of nowhere like it did, so close to the school district’s having to file their budgets is grossly irresponsible. I’ll be fighting this cruel malarkey.”

Below are the funds our school districts would receive should this proposal become a reality:
• Apollo Ridge School District: $5,074,728 (39 percent cut)
• Armstrong School District: $20,113,840 (34 percent cut)
• Freeport Area School District: $3,447,933 (49 percent cut)
• Leechburg Area School District: $2,675,168 (38 percent cut)
• South Butler County School District: $3,963,725 (49 percent cut)
• Blairsville-Saltsburg School District: $4,440,478 (53 percent cut)
Currently, only new school funding amounts are calculated through the formula, which went into effect for 2015-16. This strategy ensures a gradual transition to the new formula.

Pyle voiced his concerns after Wolf unexpectedly announced his proposal of running both existing and new education funds through the fair funding formula. It is projected that 357 school districts out of 500 in Pennsylvania, would be negatively affected and see drastic cuts in basic education funds.

Representative Jeff Pyle
60th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: Abby Krueger
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