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The Honorable Jeff Pyle,
Pyle Opposes Gun Control Bill

Rep. Jeff Pyle (R-Armstrong/Indiana) is announcing his opposition to House Bill 760 which would severely infringe on every law-abiding citizen’s Second Amendment right to bear arms.

“ I’ve received tons of e-mails and phone calls about HB 760 and wanted the district’s citizens to have no doubt on my stance,” Pyle said. “This bill is intolerable and must be defeated.”
“When I was elected, I swore to uphold the Constitutions of the United States and the Commonwealth,” Pyle said. “HB 760 violates the Second Amendment and Article 21 of the PA Constitution which is even clearer,” Pyle said. “Article 21 says the right to bear arms shall not be questioned.  This legislation negatively impacts our rights and way of life as Americans and Pennsylvanians. I intend to work to see that it is not passed if it comes to the House floor.”
The proposal requires legal gun owners to submit to the following on an annual basis:
  • Pay a $10 per gun registration fee.
  • Undergo a criminal background check and fingerprinting.
  • Obtain a photo registration card to be carried with a firearm at all times.
Supporters of this proposal claim that this will further deter criminal activity and better control the proliferation of illegal firearms. HB 760 is part of a package of anti-gun proposals being introduced by mainly Philadelphia-area representatives.
Currently the bill is in the House Judiciary Committee awaiting further action.

Rep. Jeff Pyle
60th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives
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House Republican Public Relations
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April 16, 2007