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The Honorable Jeff Pyle,
Higher Taxes and Increased Spending in State Budget Force Armstrong County Lawmakers to Reject Plan
HARRISBURG – Reps. Jeff Pyle (R-Armstrong/Indiana) and Donna Oberlander (R-Clarion/Armstrong) this week voted “no” on the state budget and its related bills that would increase taxes by $1.5 billion, completely drain the Rainy Day Fund and the Health Care Provider Retention Account, use a portion of the Medical Care Availability and Reduction of Error (MCare) fund and increase the Capital Stock and Franchise Tax paid by businesses.
Rep. Pyle offered the following comments:
“This governor and the House Democrats have, in my opinion, ignored the people of Pennsylvania who have made their wishes known loud and clear that any tax increases were not to be tolerated.  The people have demanded that state government rein in spending and live within its means, just as they do every single day.  I feel this budget fails to address the wishes of my constituents and my negative vote reflects the desires of those I serve.  That’s my job - to execute the wishes of those I serve.
“Although I am pleased that the budget impasse is nearing an end and funding will soon be flowing to local service agencies, day cares and school districts, I continue to believe that this impasse and the hurtful suspension of funding for our local services were completely unnecessary.  Also, I continue to believe this impasse was not accidental and was in fact a failed effort to make our region’s House members succumb to voting for massive tax increases by withholding the funding we were entitled to all along.  Making the loss of vital services a chip on an ideological poker table was wrong to begin with, continues to be wrong and will NEVER be right.  I am tremendously happy the impasse is nearing an end, but would ask that the people of Armstrong and Indiana counties to pay close attention to what House members voted for these insidious tax increases and who held the line.”
Rep. Oberlander offered the following comments:
“After 100 days without a budget, I am very disappointed to have to report that I had no other option but to vote against the 2009-10 state budget.  With more than $1 billion in increased taxes and spending, this budget provides the wrong answers at the worst economic time for Pennsylvania taxpayers.
“The increase in the Capital Stock and Franchise Tax retroactive to 2008 will spell devastation for our region’s large and small employers alike. Rather than punishing them out of existence, state government needs to create a more business-friendly economic climate to assist our employers in emerging stronger and more vibrant, ready to expand and grow so that even more hometown jobs can be found for our residents, and to draw more employers into the Commonwealth.”

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