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The Honorable Jeff Pyle,
Castle Doctrine Advances in State House, Says Pyle

Legislation that would permit Pennsylvania citizens to defend themselves while in their homes or occupied vehicles was recently approved in the House Judiciary Committee, said Rep. Jeff Pyle (R-Armstrong/Indiana), who is a co-sponsor of the measure.


“This legislation, which received broad bipartisan support in the committee, would provide law-abiding citizens the ability to exercise their Second Amendment rights to defend themselves and their families,” Pyle said.  “Many Pennsylvanians have faced criminal prosecution and civil lawsuits by defending their lives and this should not be happening.  This legislation would finally give our residents the right to protect themselves in their own homes.  House Bill 40 would allow us to ‘stand our ground.’”


House Bill 40, often cited as the Castle Doctrine, would create the presumption that an attacker or intruder intends to inflict bodily harm, and therefore, deadly force may be used to protect oneself, family and others while in their home or an occupied vehicle. That presumption also applies if a person is trying to unlawfully remove an occupant, against his or her will from a home or vehicle. 


The presumption would not apply if the person entering a home was another resident of the home, a law enforcement officer, a parent, grandparent or other guardian removing a child from the home or vehicle.  In addition, this legislation would not apply if a person was using their home or vehicle to engage in criminal activity. 


“I commend my colleague, Representative Scott Perry of York County, for drafting this bill in support of our rights to keep and bear arms,” Pyle said.  “Three other legislators and myself originally offered very similar legislation but we withdrew our bills and backed Scott’s when he was deployed to Iraq in 2009.  Law-abiding residents must have the ability to protect themselves and their families from being attacked or threatened in their own homes.  I have always been a proponent of citizens being lawfully armed to deter criminal activity from taking place in their neighborhoods.  I urge my colleagues in the House to support this legislation.”


This bill is now pending for further action by the full House.


Rep. Jeff Pyle
60th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

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House Republican Public Relations

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June 2, 2010

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