Pyle Supports Funding for Additional Law Enforcement
Rep. Jeff Pyle (R-Armstrong/Indiana) today joined his colleagues at a press conference at the state Capitol in calling on the House Appropriations Committee to move legislation to the House floor that would help local municipalities hire up to 10,000 new officers by 2011.
“This legislation is desperately needed in many small communities throughout Pennsylvania,” Pyle said. “Adding additional officers to our streets will help to reduce crime and protect our citizens.”
Pyle noted that, with law enforcement throughout the Commonwealth already working on tight budgets, many of them lack the manpower necessary to enforce laws and protect the public.
“We must do our part in helping our communities better protect themselves,” Pyle said. “Citizens deserve to feel safe and the Legislature has an obligation to ensure this need is met.”
There are several communities in the 60th District that either don’t have a police force or rely on part-time officers, noted Pyle. This legislation would help local municipalities by adding police officers or increasing some to full-time status.
The legislation would provide $56 million for the Commonwealth Officer Fund, which would be administered through the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office. 
Municipalities would need to apply for a grant, and if approved, would need to match 50 percent of the grant funds received with local dollars.
It’s important to note that this legislation does not mandate municipalities to hire additional police officers, but offers assistance if they choose to make it a priority in the budget, noted Pyle.
“I call on the members of the House Appropriations Committee to move this bill to the House floor,” Pyle said. “It is important that we move this legislation to the governor as soon as possible.”
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